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Company: Streatham Theatre Company

Contact: info@streathamtheatre.org.uk

Event Website: http://streathamtheatre.org.uk/event/oct-2020

Title: Zoom Stage: Share your favourite monologue


Summary: Part of the Streatham Festival.

Category: Second Tuesday Event, Streatham Festival

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Dates: 13 October 2020 - 7.30pm - 9.30pm (UK dates and times)

Admission: FREE TICKETS REQUIRED - please Get Tickets

Tickets: www.streathamtheatre.org.uk/tickets


Part of the Streatham Festival.

Share your favourite monologue online. This could be an established work, or your own writing, up to 10 minutes long.

Or just come along to see people perform theirs.

We hope to include some pieces from our September Streatham Shorts event.

To perform or attend, please register in advance. If you’d like to perform a piece, please let us know by email events@streathamtheatre.org.uk

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Venue: Online http://streathamtheatre.org.uk/online-events

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