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Taking part in a production is a great opportunity. Whether on stage or behind the scenes you work in a team to create a performance for an audience to enjoy. There’s fun and enjoyment as part of that team too - it’s a friendly, social environment, with the chance to share experience and learn from a diverse range of others.


You don’t need to be a member to audition for one of our shows - these are free and open to all aged 18+, whatever your level of experience. We base our casting decisions on whether we think you can effectively and believably play the part in the context of the script and other cast, as part of the overall production team.

If you audition but don’t get cast, we encourage you to help behind the scenes in some capacity.

Anyone taking part will need to be a member and pay subscriptions (only £10 a year).

Learning the Role and Rehearsing

You will be expected to commit to learning your role in your own time and at rehearsals with others. The role includes the characterisations, actions, and cueing with sound and lighting effects, as well as the lines.

Rehearsals will be scheduled to best suit the production and the participants. Typically this will be two evenings a week, with some weekend days. You will be expected to turn up to all rehearsals you are called for, and be ready to start at the scheduled time.

Any absences will need to be agreed with the director. You will be asked at audition for any non-availability such as holidays.

Working Together

We expect the whole team (cast, creatives, backstage, front of house etc.) to work together to produce the best show and best experience for everyone, to be supportive and helpful to one another. This means that as well as your role, you may be asked to help with other things, like finding costume or props for example, or helping with set changes.

You will definitely be expected to take part in publicising, promoting and “selling” the show to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. We provide the publicity material (such as posters, flyers, social media posts) and an online and telephone booking system to use. You will be expected to appear in photos and videos of the show.

After the Production

After the last night, and the ‘get-out’ where we clear the theatre of our set, props, costume, equipment etc. we will usually have a social event to celebrate and wind-down. This might be drinks in the bar directly after the get-out, and/or a party some time later to view a video of the show (if we have been able to make one). Usually we find a volunteer or two to arrange these events.

Once the show is all over, it’s not the end for the team - many people will keep in touch having made good friends. And of course there are the regular STC Second Tuesday events, and auditions for the next show!

Taking Part in a Production

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