Streatham has long been home to performers and performance in theatre, film, music and dance.

Our writing team (Bernie Byrnes, Frances Bruce, Kirsty Eyre) has selected poems by prolific writer and local celebrity Brenda Hargreaves, and written theatrical responses to them. The poems will be read, and the scenes performed by our local cast, directed by Bernie Byrnes (assisted by Sally Lofthouse), with songs selected and sung by local singer Alison Rycroft.

The show combines humour and poignancy on the theme of past and present (then and now), with a flavour of Streatham's glamour days running through it.

Starring local performers, and staged in what was previously Streatham’s “west end” theatre, this is the first production by Streatham Theatre Company, our new local ‘open access’ theatre company. Why not join us and get involved in future shows?


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Then and Now has completed its run of performances. For our future events, please see our events page.