20 June 2016

8pm, Doors 7.30pm

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Streatham Theatre Company will be held at 8pm on 20 June 2016 at The Round Room, Manor Arms, 13 Mitcham Lane, London SW16 6LQ.

Note that Streatham Theatre Company is an unincorporated association, governed by a constitution, available from our website at http://www.streathamtheatre.org.uk.

All paid-up voting Members are entitled to attend and vote. Others may attend but are not entitled to vote – they may speak at the discretion of the Chairman. You can join or renew prior to the meeting, either in advance or on the evening. Please contact membership@streathamtheatre.org.uk.

1. Apologies
2. Receive and approve minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
3. Receive reports from Committee members
4. Receive and approve the financial statements for year ending 31 March 2016
5. Election of Committee*
Other committee members (at least 3)
6. Other business of the Company

Secretary, Streatham Theatre Company
c/o Vinters, 1b Sunnyhill Road, London, SW16 2UG