Play Reading: Canterbury Tales – Chaucer Made Modern

By Phil Woods with Michael Bogdanov

Reading, Second Tuesday Event

11 April 2017

7.30pm, Doors 7.00pm

Admission: Members FREE, others £3, at the door

About the play
This version of Chaucer’s Knight’s, Reeve’s, Cook’s, Wife of Bath’s, Franklyn’s, Nun’s Priest’s, Pardoner’s, Merchant’s and the Miller’s Tale is set in the present at the annual Geoffrey Chaucer Canterbury Tale-telling competition. Each of the players takes charge of directing and performing of their own tale. With simple staging, suited to a village hall, pub, marquee, village green or theatre, the option of different directors for each tale and the 9 tales being divided across 2 performances, this script is flexible and adaptable to suit all local artistic and technical considerations and eventualities.

About the workshop
STC’s summer production will be part of the 2017 Streatham Festival. This workshop will be an informal group script reading. Bring your experience and insights as an audience member, actor, director, producer or stage manager to help us decide if this should be our 5th festival show.