Reading for Potential New Production

Reading, Second Tuesday Event

11 August 2015

7.30pm, Doors 7.00pm

Following on from last year’s acclaimed ‘Open All Eras’ site-specific tour and performance around the former Streatham Hill Theatre, the Beacon Bingo Management have requested that STC repeat the event in 2015. So we are looking for an appropriate new show for performance in autumn 2015.

Participants at our August event will be invited to join an informal reading group for the evening to consider extracts from 3 possible plays.

Some questions participants in the reading group could consider are:

  • what did you like or dislike about the plot and characters?
  • what did you think about the quality of the writing (dialogue, characterisation, structure and plot)?
  • would we be able to stage it (modified) at Beacon Bingo?
  • would you happily be associated with the play (as an actor or part of the production team)?
  • do you think this would appeal to our STC membership and potential audience?
  • would an audience member happily pay £10 to watch it?

The 3 scripts have been chosen because they are set in a theatre space, so give the opportunity for different parts of the original theatre to be used and for the audience to ‘tour’ the various spaces in the building as part of the evening event.

Why not come along for a fun evening and help us decide our next show?