Stage Movement Workshop

Led by Michael Mayne - actor, drama coach, stage technician, teacher of stage fighting and stunts

Movement, Second Tuesday Event, Workshop

14 January 2014

7.30pm, Doors 7.00pm

Admission: FREE to all, at the door

About the Workshop
How actors move their bodies, their posture and even how they stand still can reveal unique and interesting characteristics about a particular character.

For theatrical performances, all movements on stage are thought out in advance.

The workshop will look at all forms of stage craft for actors, including movement, stage fighting and stage falls:

  • How do actors know where to move on stage?
  • How can movements reveal information about a character?
  • How should they move when they portray a period character?
  • How can an actor avoid the things that get in the way of the performance and can ‘switch off’ an audience?

The workshop is free and open to all (no experience necessary), just come along and have fun.

About Michael
Michael Mayne is a classically trained Actor and Theatre Technician with many years of experience in the industry.  He graduated from the London Academy of Music and Drama Art (LAMDA). When not acting or teaching, Michael works for FLINTS Hire and Supply Ltd, Theatrical Chandlers.

Michael has worked in Educational Theatre, International Touring Theatre, National and Regional Theatre, UK Touring Theatre, Children’s Theatre and Circus and has directed productions at both Edinburgh and Prague Fringe.

His performance repertoire includes include Ballet, Shakespeare and Tragedy, Revue, Comedy, New Writing, Opera, Dance, Community theatre, Fringe, Exhibitions, Experimental, Festival, Live Events, Musicals and Outdoor Events.