Preparing for Stage & Auditions: Qigong Workshop

Led by Mike Jennett

Second Tuesday Event, Workshop

12 July 2016

7.30pm, Doors 7.00pm

Admission: Members FREE, others £3, at the door

About Mike
Mike first encountered Qigong in the 1980’s as part of his Kung Fu
training. He started Tai Chi in 1990 where Chi Kung (Qigong) was
an adjunct to the main training. Over time it has become known
in its own right. Mike has been on many courses run by well-respected
practitioners including Mantak Chia, Kris Deva North, John Hine,
Dan Docherty, Peter Warr, Raymond Goh and Marnix Wells.

About the workshop
Qigong is initially about breathing correctly and using simple
movements to relax and calm the mind and body. ‘Qi’
(pronounced chee) is usually translated to mean the life force or
vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe. ‘Gong’
(pronounced gung), means accomplishment, or skill that is
cultivated through steady practice. For actors it can help to get
rid of tension and generate internal energy whilst still retaining
that alacrity that is essential just before a performance. The
workshop will give participants a chance to practice correct
breathing technique and some Qigong forms.

(Comfortable clothing & shoes recommended).