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Company: Streatham Theatre Company

Contact: info@streathamtheatre.org.uk

Event Website: http://streathamtheatre.org.uk/event/july-2021

Title: Special social event


Summary: A special physical social event as we come out of COVID restrictions

Category: Social

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Dates: 27 July 2021 - 7.30pm (UK dates and times)

Admission: FREE


A special physical social event where we can actually meet and chat! A chance to catch up and re-establish social contact.

It will be held at Vinters, 1b Sunnyhill Road, SW16 2UG from 7.30pm.

Please bring what you drink, and food to swap and share.

Feel free to dress up, and if anyone wants to do a “turn” that’s great.

No need to register and the event is open to members, friends and potential new members.

Other Info:

Venue: Vinters Studios http://www.vintersstudios.co.uk

Venue Address: 1b Sunnyhill Road, London SW16 2UG