Play reading – Four Nights in Knaresborough

Written by Paul Corcoran (aka Paul Webb)

Reading, Second Tuesday Event

10 March 2020

7.30pm, Doors 7.00pm

Admission: Members FREE, others £3, at the door

A pacey and bloody black comedy; written in modern language; with an abundance of profanity and slang!

After successfully staging Hamlet In St Leonard’s Church in September 2018, the church have asked STC to consider performing another production. As it’s vital to choose a play that works in this unique setting, we are considering Four Nights in Knaresborough by Paul Corcoran (now known as Paul Webb).

In 1170, King Henry II ordered four of his knights to kill Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, as the king believed that Thomas showed more loyalty to the church than to him. Following the assassination, the knights went into hiding in Knaresborough Castle, North Yorkshire, waiting for the heat to die down. With sudden violence, edgy action and a genuine medieval feel, this play is a new perspective on the assassination, and is much sparkier and full of action than T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral or Anouilh’s Becket.

Join us to read, listen and share your views on this play.