Play Reading of An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

Led by Liz Burton

Reading, Second Tuesday Event

An informal participative play reading of excerpts from An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen. You can read if you wish, or just listen.

The Gutenberg version of the script is available for free download at

The excerpts we will be reading are listed here 

We are reading this play as a potential for it being adapted and cut for recording as a video presentation. This is NOT an audition.


The plot deals with a respected doctor in a spa town, who is the Medical Director of the municipal baths. He comes to realise that the water in the baths is seriously polluted and the baths need to be closed down, which brings him into conflict with the townsfolk, who depend on visitors to the baths to support the local economy. Written around 1890, it is still timely in the current climate, and could be set now.


There is a cast of 11 including:
• The central character of the doctor,
• The doctor’s wife and three children, one of whom is a teacher
• The doctor’s brother, who is Mayor and Chief Constable of the town, and Chair of the Baths Committee, etc.; the doctor’s chief adversary
• Other townsfolk