The Georges

Music Hall Georges – an illustrated talk

by Liz Burton

Presentation, Second Tuesday Event

Although Streatham at the turn of the 20th century was far too genteel to boast a music hall, leaving that honour to its more down-to-earth neighbour, Brixton, many music hall artistes chose to live here. ‘Music Hall Georges’  is an examination of the lives of two singer/comedians with strong links to Streatham: George (G. H.) Chirgwin and George French. Although Chirgwin was the elder by more than 20 years and they hailed from opposite ends of the country, they were good friends. Although we don’t know exactly when and how they met, we can presume it was through their shared interests in horse racing and charity. Chirgwin lived in Leigham Court Road and died in Polworth Road, while French lived in Brixton, but owned property in Norfolk House Road. French’s grandson Neil and his wife Mary, long-standing STC members and loyal supporters of our shows, still live in a house owned by George. As well as giving me access to a great deal of personal information about his grandfather, Neil also introduced me to George Chirgwin, whom I found fascinating. I hope you enjoy going back in time to spend an hour or so in their company.

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