Reading of the script for our next show

Production, Reading, Second Tuesday Event

10 September 2013

8pm, Doors 7.30pm

Admission: FREE to all, at the door

Our next show will be performed in late October or early November (subject to venue arrangements).  It’s based on a Sherlock Holmes radio play:- “The Case of the Dead Adventuress” and has been adapted by Frances Bruce who has recently become our Artistic Director (and was heavily involved in our first show ‘Then and Now’).

The script was written and performed in February, 1945.  Set in the radio studio, there appears to have been real life tension between the actor playing Watson and the actors playing Holmes, which saw Watson hosting the show and Holmes pushed to the background. Frances has taken this shred of truth and embellished it, cueing in opportunities for us to workshop new backstage scenes, to reveal a weekly radio show where there is a slew of backstage politics, centring around this ongoing battle between Watson and the latest actor to play Holmes.

This creates a very entertaining angle on iconic characters in literature that, happily, is based on truth.

We will be reading the current version of the script, and perhaps have a go at workshopping some of the backstage scenes, which will be developed further in rehearsal.

Audition dates will be announced on the night.

Do come along whether you are interested in auditioning or just want to read or hear the script. And bring what you drink!