Online Events

Our online events are usually free but in any case you still need to obtain an e-ticket through our agent Eventbrite by following the link in the event details.


To obtain an ticket, you need to provide your details, including name and email address, and create an Eventbrite account (or login in to your existing Eventbrite account). The ticket will be emailed to you, and you will be sent a number of reminder emails prior to the event. If you don’t see them, please check your spam or junk folders.

Joining Instructions

These emails will contain a link or button to access the joining instructions for the event. When you click on this you will need to login to the Eventbrite account through which you obtained the ticket, in order to see the joining instructions. Note that if you use multiple Eventbrite accounts on your computer you may need to log out of any Eventbrite accounts and log back in using the account you used to obtain the ticket.

The joining instructions will be only added close to the start of the event, so if they are not there you will need to check back later. This is a security measure. Please do not share your ticket or joining instructions with anyone else.

“Doors Open”

Our events open at the start time given for the event. If you try to join earlier, you will be held in a “waiting room”. When the event starts, the facilitators will check tickets and admit valid ticket holders. This means you may remain in the waiting room for a short while. Please do not attempt to contact us or any organisers by phone/text/email at this point as we will be busy checking people in so cannot respond.

Joining the Event

The joining instructions will include a link to Zoom, which we use to run our online events. Clicking on the link will attempt to connect you to the event using the Zoom application (if you have it installed, or accept its installation) or via your web browser. If asked, provide the meeting id and password from the joining instructions. Please ensure that you use the name with which you registered for a ticket otherwise you may not be admitted.

Note that at busy times there may be a delay or you may need to try a number times before you get through.

As you are admitted to the event please check your video and sound settings – in a large event you will be admitted with video on but audio off to avoid confusion.

Listen out for information about the start of the event.

“Doors Closed”

Please join the event on time. We will close the event to new joiners after a few minutes (10 – 15 minutes max depending on the number of tickets). If you haven’t joined (or entered the waiting room) by then you will not be able to get in.

“Curtain Up”

During the event you can turn your video on or off as required. However please keep your sound off (“muted”) unless participating in the event. The facilitators can control your sound if necessary.

If you are having problems with video or sound quality, it may be due to internet load, so turning off your video may help.

You may need to arrange or change screens and settings to get the best “view”.

The Chat function may be useful to pass messages to the facilitators or other participants but please don’t over do it! Facilitators may be too busy to immediately respond.

Note that Facilitators can remove anyone from the event if they feel they are causing a nuisance or worse.

“Curtain Down”

At the end of the event you can click the Leave button, or just close down Zoom.

Zoom Help

You can find some guidance on using Zoom here: